Fleet Training and Industrial Programs

Many industrial firms have utilized the services of the "California Driving School, Inc." to either train their employees to handle their equipment properly, or retrain and upgrade their driving performance. In today's economy this makes very good business sense! Industrial firms are motivated by three factors: (1) Reducing costs. (2) Reduce litigation derived from vehicle accidents, and (3) Reduce the cost of maintaining their fleet. We all know insurance rates continue to climb, and companies write policies based on the amount of risk and exposure they are taking when they accept the client. A fleet company with an excessive amount of accidents always pays a premium amount for their insurance

Records indicate that any company that embarks on a fleet retraining program does substantially reduce their accident rate, and over a period of time their insurance premium. The cost involved is negligible compared to the cost involved through reduced insurance rates and litigation.

Over the years many firms have utilized our services to upgrade the driving performance of their employees. Among these industrial firms are "Pacific Telephone Company", "Quantas Airlines", "Electro-Optical Company", "East Los Angeles Skill Center", "Watts Skill Center"(federally funded programs), "Chevron, Inc." (formerly American Personnel Service), "Westinghouse Security", "Szerdrup Corporation", "Pathology Associates", "Shepherd Machinery", "San Gabriel Valley Residential Facility", "ABM Security", "U.S. Rentals", to name a few.

All of our programs are custom designed to meet the companies' own particular needs. A typical program consists of a four to 6 hour class with films, discussions, tests, and more discussion. In this program where possible, we would like to give each employee a "Psycho-Physical" test which checks the drivers' depth perception, visual acuity, glare recovery and brake reaction, etc. Each person tested is given an evaluation sheet pointing out their strengths and weaknesses. A copy of this evaluation sheet is sent to their employer's Fleet Supervisor. Training can be handled at our Executive Office, but most firms prefer that it be given at their own company facility. This reduces the time they have to pay for the employee being involved in the retraining. This works well in groups of 15 to 40.

All of the above is in reference to classroom training. Where possible and practice we also conduct training in your vehicle to ascertain how your driver reacts to various traffic situations. The normal time is one to two hours per employee. Our experience has shown that most employees can handle the vehicle correctly, but lack proper judgment of defensive driving techniques, etc. Both the classroom and the in-the-car training are important, but of the two the classroom is far more productive.

Over 25 years in helping re-train fleet drivers in Southern California
Classes help companies avoid lawsuits- reduce insurance premiums
All classes designed for your own particular needs from two to eight hours. The most common are four and six hour classes.
Classes can be at your facility or ours.
Special emphasis on "Defensive Driving Techniques"
Use of "Fatal Vision Glasses" to effectively demonstrate the disastrous effects of alcohol;
which is one of the major causes of traffic fatalities in America today.

All drivers can be given and psych-physical test to determine glare recovery, visual acuity, peripheral vision, etc.




If we can be of service to you in anyway please call (800) 522-5374 and ask for our "Fleet Training Department".

Mr. Pablo Ochoa, is in charge of this division of our company, and will be glad to talk over your problems and see how we might be of service.