Driver Training for the Physically Challenged
This student was crippled with arthritis, could not use the public transportation system, and needed to learn to drive.
We enjoyed teaching her and when she received her driver's license her life was changed forever.

The "physically challenged" have special problems learning to drive. Some do not have use of their arms; some their legsl some are verytiny and cannot reach the gas and break pedals; others cannot walk and are confined to a wheel chair... but whatever the problem is "California Driving School" can solve it. We have designed special comtrols for their car to solve their own particular problem. We have a special department got the physically challenged, and our employees are specialists in their field.

In fact, the California Department of Rehabilitation gave special recognition to the California Driving School because of our outstanding record in Los Angeles, in helping over 1,000 physically challenged students become gainfully employed through obtaining their driver's license at our school. That was 20 years ago, and since then we have trained thousands more... and we are proud of our record!

Program for the Physically Challenged:

Contracts with the California Department of Rehabilitation
Special programs for the physically challenged
Cars equipped with special handicapped controls
Extremely patient, understanding, knowledgeable instructors
Only driving school to date to receive a special award from the State of California for work in the training of the physically challenged driver